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Time to Climb:
Jack and the Lear Jet…

Leaving the Navy in 1964, Jack re-launches FlxAir, the air charter company in which he, his mentor Pete Webber and their girlfriend-in-common, Linda Green, are partners. The company had lain moribund since Pete’s killing of three JFK assassins and Pete and Linda’s sequestration, along with the company's Grumman Albatross, in a time-traveling, fourth-millennium UFO.

Since the Albatross, its passengers and crew were thought to have been lost over the Gulf of Mexico, and since witnesses of any aspect of the JFK assassination are potential murder victims, his partners must stay aboard the UFO for what turns out to be several years.

Jack intends to build the business in anticipation of their return, and replaces the Albatross with a brand-new executive jet, the Lear Jet.

The aircraft’s design emerged from the basic structure of a new Swiss fighter aircraft, the P-16. Bill Lear and his team saw it as a good starting point for the development of a business jet. The wing, with its distinctive tip fuel tanks and landing gear, was little changed from that of the fighter prototypes. On February 7, 1963, assembly of the first Lear Jet began.

The Lear Jet 23, a six- to eight-seater, and first flew on October 7, 1963. The first production model was delivered in October 1964. Jack learned of the Lear Jet browsing through Aviation Week Magazine while still in the Navy, and secured the second production model for FlxAir.

And joining FlxAir is Jack's old Navy boss, Harry Weems, a longtime instructor in carrier-borne attack aircraft until his off-duty hijinks resulted, in his words, "...banishment to the world of many-fans." More riotous activity while assigned to Jack's squadron closed the books on Harry's Navy career, and Jack jumped at the chance to add a high-hour jet aviator to FlxAir's payroll, counting on the old rake to "straighten up and fly right." Time will, of course, tell how that gamble pays off...

As you can well imagine, Jack'll be flying high in Time to Climb. Join me in the Jack Mason Saga. You'll be in for the ride of your life... and of Jack's!

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Jack Mason, immortal.

Jesus calls him Father.

He's lived over 2000 years...

Women still desire him!



and from Amazon..."Incredible! Cross John

Irving with Lewis Grizzard (if you dare), whisk in a drop of John LeCarré, and you have Stan Hayes’ The Rough English Equivalent."

"It's over-the-top black comedy; Hayes tracks a onetime spy and his raffish retinue; Berlin to Tobacco Road, Havana, Miami and deep space."

"Thumbing its nose at convention, the Jack Mason Saga draws readers quickly into its characters’ riotous lives. It invites them to awaken their sense of the absurd as they slalom through Hayes's suprarational Southernness."


Step Into The Saga... 
Jack, the heir of a onetime-Nazi beer baron, funds key developers of cutting-edge subatomic science and biotechnology, extending his life for thousands of years. Ultimately he travels in time, first to rescue Jesus, then to mentor his boyhood self in pursuit of Linda, his lifelong love.


As the Saga's second novel, The Quintessence of Quick, opens in 1959, Jack Mason, the heir to a Deep-South beer distributorship, has accepted a multimillion-dollar offer for the business. As the deal's closing date nears, Jack receives his draft notice. Signing up for the Navy's flight program in the nick of time, he becomes a Naval Aviator.


He's also struggling with a bittersweet, on-and-off affair that began when he was 16. Linda, a decade older, is a striking lady with outsized appetites. Jack's quandary is fast escalating; leave her, or live with her readily roving eye? Added female distractions include Clare Boothe Luce, former Congresswoman, Ambassador to Italy, patron of anti-Castro Cubans, aficionada of LSD and wife of a global publishing giant...

Jack grew up fast in The Rough English Equivalent (See it at Amazon). In The Quintessence of Quick, his orders send him to Stormron THREE, The world-famous Storm Chasers. The Navy ships his car, a Cunningham C-3, to Puerto Rico, the site of his new duty station, Naval Station Roosevelt Roads. He cuts quite a figure in it, ripping around the island off-duty, still coming to grips with his newfound financial independence.

Early on, he tends to deal with both military and civilian worlds with youth's freely-dispensed cynicism; he and his fellow characters, however, are by turns vivid, sexy, and hot. As time passes, he acquires a sure-footed self-confidence, infuriating, cajoling, embracing a wide range of colorful cohorts and antagonists, sweeping readers along as the plot unfolds... Jack's a guy they won't soon forget!



Stormron 3's primary duty is hurricane reconaissance, flying into hurricanes in long range radar-equipped Lockheed WV-3 Super Constellations, better known to their crews as "Willie Victors." Away from this hazardous mission, squadron members plunge into the diversions of their tropical island home. This enthusiasm is fueled at virtually every turn with cheap alcohol. Top brands of Puerto Rican rum can be bought from various outlets on the base for less than a dollar a fifth. From this easy availability emerges a variety of results, from amusing to carnal to disastrous.


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oldest living human's voyage to the first century...

In the fifth millennium, Jack Mason, fresh from Golgotha, the site of the Crucifixion, avails himself of a hazardous opportunity. As a member of the scientific task force that developed tertiary force arrays, he volunteered for the theory's first practical test. His successful round trip from the forty-third century to the first affords him the opportunity, should he decide to travel in time once more, to choose his destination.

He picks the early years of his own long life, his mother's burly Jewish lover taking the place of his absent father in the small Georgia town that generations of her family had called home. See how it happens at Amazon...